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Art Direction Company Einstein’s Octopus – About this site.

Einstein’s Octopus is an Art Direction Company. We run and Art Direction Studio and we are referred to as an Art Department when we are on set. We are based in Hackney, East London, although we work all over London. We also put teams together for working further afield on location if required. The disciplines we cover include Art Direction, Set Building, Styling, Model Making, Rigs and Special Effects – see here. Furthermore, a concise history of the company can be found here.

What you will see on this site

At Einstein’s Octopus we take great pride in what we do, something that has prompted us to keep obsessive records. Rather than presenting showreels of finished commercials, promos and idents, where it’s hard to see where art department duties end and post production begins, we have opted to film and edit our own reels. This means you can see what we really do.  We believe this raw approach is more informative for the viewer. Also it reveals the true character of our work more effectively.  Similarly, all the stills in the individual portfolios are taken on sets, locations and in workshops over the years. These offer many highlights from what has become a rich and diverse history.

And big thanks to…

The Art Direction Company Einstein’s Octopus represents the work of a huge amount of skilled individuals. MD Tony Pletts may have started it in 1987, but his work only represents a tiny fraction of what’s on show here. It’s all the talented art directors and crew over the years who are the real stars. And so quick roll call of names feels appropriate.

Art Direction Company Einstein’s Octopus says take a bow

Glyn Owen, Edd West, Philip Shaw, Ian Bracegirdle, Sarah Pletts, Andrew Norris, Rhos Butler, Chris Stemp, Nigel Chisholm, Aden Hynes, Veronica Erikson, Andrew Lumsden, Bamber, Ray Goodall, John Pratt, Giulia BiPatrizi, Lucien Sands, Mark Pritchard, Sarah Beaman, Evan Schwarz, Guy Fisher, Jacqueline Fey, Dexter Pletts, Derick Cowie, David Gray, Andrew Mackay, Rachel Hawes, Kester Hoefkens, Sally Taylor, Russell Cole, Sarah Frere, Alex Scaglia, Fran O’Connell, Toby Riches, Brendon Dixon, Linda Clifford, Andy Lane, Tanya Cottingham, Roger Thomas, Sabina Sattar, Don Rothwell, Harry Franchatti, Kalpesh Patel, Sony Tilders (look at him now), Rob Truscott, Jo Hellerman, Dan Richards, Sangeet Prabaker, Pete Bailey, Jake Lunt, Nick Bloom, Charlie Cave, Adrian Hermanides, Dave Leith, John & Richard Campling, Sarah Lovett, John Aspery, Milray Hughes, James Hunt, John McLeod, Brian Moore and many, many more. Thanks for the hundreds of thousands of hours covering everything from storyboarding to sweeping up.

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